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I know nothing....

What happens when you pay attention?

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(no subject)
Here's something for me to work on during Lent and probably forever thereafter: Attachment, Sloth, Avoidance.
There is so much stuff that I know benefits me nothing and detracts from my life. Activities and things. But they are such a comfort in place of the truer more eternal comforts that come from carrying the cross I have been given. I can see some things that I can do that will help me, but I ignore and am easily distracted. It isn't even a rational decision. I can't fall back on any good habits, because most of them are bad. I know there are things I need to do and am ashamed when I don't , but still I just keep avoiding them.

Dear God, I ask for the Strength to improve, the grace to know your will, and the prudence to carry it out. And if I'm too concerned with consciously knowing it, let me be the crooked line you draw straight with.