I know nothing....

What happens when you pay attention?

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Light in the darkness, what do the shadows tell me?
If one is trying to figure out the way in a tangled maze of trails, and the divine light shines in for guidance but one is not quite in the light and can't figure out how to get into it, then it's time to move, feel the walls of the maze and try whatever path until it's clear it's a dead end. Then try another, starting again from where one is and move forward down another way until eventually one starts to see shadows. Now one can deduce from where the light doesn't shine that these are the walls, these you cannot pass through, so stop running into them, stop trying to climb them, stop trying to break through them. You cannot do it. Walk towards that glimmer of light and it will soon increase. Keep going and you will find the source. A catch, some of the wall are mirrored, it's the only way light can travel around the bends.


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